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Buy Foma Fomadon R09 ( ml) featuring Monochrome Negative Film Developer, High Acutance / Edge Contrast High Dilution: to Review Foma. I just picked up a bottle of fomadon R09 from prophot in paris as a rodinal substitute (i know its back in production, but they didn’t seem to keen. Fomadon R09 is a one-part liquid concentrate to prepare fine-grain, normal- working developer, intended for of all types of black and white negative films.

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Your name or email address: Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Both para-amino phenol developers and the differences are in fact neglectible.

Looking at the wet negatives, I do not think there is any problem about the activity of both developers, the negatives are looking fine. About the base fog of both film ends: However working with MG papers only this step will be within 1 grade to compensate this.

Recipes & dev times using Developer Foma Fomadon R09

This would be great, but they don’t always agree. Guess I should have looked 1st before asking hehe. Wiesmier 12 years ago.

All mentioned values correspond values printed in the tables of commercial packing of all three developers and at the last time have not been proved. Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Does anybody here use Fomadon R09?


Fomadon R09 | Photography Forums

Fotohuis Robert 11 years ago. Fotohuis Robert 12 years ago. Any examples of these in your stream? Then, I never put any of my negatives under a microscope and looked at grain differences. Sharp, acutance and pronounced grain but certainly less than the R09 example.

I suspect that this developer is really about doing different tests and finding a look that one likes, vs souping negs in D76 and getting excellent results right off the bat. Be the first to review this item. But I don’t know if it is the only difference, after the worldwar 2 R09 was made by the east german agfa or orwo and Rodinal was made by west german agfa.

Last edited by a moderator: No manipulations are done in the scanner.

Is Fomadon R09 the Same as Rodinal? | Photography Forums

But I can ask them. Douglas- I haven’t used it myself, but I believe the biggest difference is in the dilution- Rodinal 1: Also interesting is the base fog with both developers. Rodinal bottle is for next year.

In action aside from the differences in dilution I do not find any real difference between R09 and Adonal Rodinal. Rodinal will work in the exact way within my 0,02 log D tolerance than brand new stuff even when it’s packed in plastic silar bottles.

I’m using R09 of some sort.

Fascinating how the results can be of this developer: Lots of work thanks Robert. We found 7 Min. Testing developers is a quiet time consuming business.



Hello, I think that the crystals are p-aminophenol. Fomafon diluted concentrate produces harder and more coarse-grain negatives, while highly diluted concentrate yields fine-grain negatives with lower contrast. Special Order Update Location close. Fomadno just play with a pair of rolls and eyeball it, r9 probably will stick with good old d76 for the time being.

I developed a few rolls of 35mm, never could get results I actually liked and stopped using it. I just picked up a bottle of fomadon R09 from prophot in paris as a rodinal substitute i know its back in production, but they didn’t seem to keen on ordering it for me and i fojadon know anyone else around that sells it. TriX we have not tested. In some formula it is recommended to leave some crystals undissolved.

It’s almost a cult thing. About the R09 I am not sure this developer can survive over a very long time period. Dark brown 4 y. I will do a closer examination of the negatives about grain, density and show you some pictures later.

Jan 12, 5. It says, APH09 at 1: Please call us at